Nitrous Desktop

Edit code locally with your favorite editor.
Run it in the cloud on Nitrous.

Available for Windows Mac

Use Your Favorite Editor
We sync files from your Nitrous box so you can use your favorite editor.

Magic Folder

Nitrous Desktop provides a magic folder that syncs anything within the "workspace" folders on any of your boxes in the cloud. It's lightning fast, and super simple to setup.

Code the way you want

Your code resides locally on your machine, but your runtime is in the cloud. You can use any editor you want, including
Sublime Text, Textmate or any other desktop text editor.

Seamless Cloud Development

  • Local File-System

    Use your local file system to edit code. This means you can use your favorite code editor like Sublime Text or TextMate. Files in your Nitrous folder get synced to your boxes in the cloud instantaneously.

  • Box Management

    Start, stop, and terminate boxes with ease. Open a shell with one click, or open the Nitrous web IDE instead. Generate and register SSH keys. Everything you need in one little window.

  • Enhanced Access

    Setup port forwarding to expose services like web servers, so you can preview your application development. Access your boxes as though they were running locally.

Spin up a box on Nitrous and get coding

Available for Windows Mac